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Salim Kechiouche
Creators: Yves Christian Fournier
6,7 / 10 Star
directors: Yves Christian Fournier
N.O.I.R. is a movie starring Salim Kechiouche, Julie Djiezion, and Jade-Mariuka Robitaille. Kadhafi, Algerian rapper 26 years, ex-member of a street gang and the father of a young boy out of prison and wants to settle down. Will it

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Victoria's personal A.I., Klive, is only doing what his programming considers will benefit his user. It's his job to make sure she's happy, no matter what. Deep down, Victoria knows something is amiss. Everything about her perfect boyfriend, to her perfect face, everything is just a bit too....PERFECT. When she begins to pull on the stray thread of doubt hanging from the hem of her life, the whole of her existence begins to unravel as well; directed by: Adam Cosco; 2016; writer: Adam Cosco; countries: USA