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average Rating=6,9 of 10 stars
Duration=85 min
abstract=Natural Resistance is a movie starring Stefano Bellotti, Elena Pantaleoni, and Giovanna Tiezzi. Ten years after the landmark wine documentary Mondovino, filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter returns to the subject, documenting the drastic
Stefano Bellotti, Giovanna Tiezzi

Black Harvest Watch Full Length Pirate Bay Solar Movies directed by Robin Anderson

Cast Joe Leahy
directed by Robin Anderson
Joe Leahy is the half-caste son of one of the first explorers of the Papua New Guinean interior. His relations with the local Ganiga tribe who work his coffee plantation on their land are difficult at times. However he has successfully managed to get them to agree to open a second plantation in partnership with him. Things are looking up until the international coffee market hits rough times and conflict seems imminent between the Ganiga and their neighbouring traditional enemies
genre Documentary
7,9 of 10 Stars